Friday, January 22, 2010

axis: fruit punch (16oz)

january 21st

i stumbled upon this at the store on wednesday and seeing as i'd lately been feeling like finding 365 different cans might be hopeless, i was pretty psyched that there were two flavors of some drink i'd never seen before. that feeling was quickly overturned when my eyes caught this:
i used a 12oz pbr for size comparison...what we have here is brought to us by charge beverages and is a 32oz can of grape malt beverage with taurine, guarana, ginseng and caffeine that clocks in at 11% and is aptly named "el jefe". i'm a little worried about what shotgunning this will do to me so i'll wait till summer when i'm dehydrated and about to pass out from heat stroke!

anyways back to the axis: fruit punch, it reminds me of hawaiian punch and went down very easily just like fruit punch should. when i got up today there were some bright red stains on my hoodie and a very sweet smell wafting up from it and it made me want some to sip on with my breakfast. i apologize for the editing of the video on this one...something went wrong and i'd rather not say what.

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