Sunday, January 31, 2010

modelo especial (12oz)

january 31st

thanks to alex, glenn, eliza, meredith and joel for all shotgunning during the slighty akward pause between songs! it was great to be back in ny and to get to see some awesome bands and some awesome friends. sorry that not everyone was in the can blame that on the cameraman. i hope we all have a never ending lifetime of shotgunning beers together.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

faxe premium (33.8oz)

january 30th

thanks to lucas for gustgunning! me and lucas have done this before and succeeded, i blame the cold weather and the oh so cold faxe for making this puke video possible. we went to a spot around the corner from abc no rio where lucas has downed many a beer. we will try this again, maybe sometime in the summer or at least after the beers have been properly warmed. this one wins (at least for me) as the best shotgun experience of january.

Friday, January 29, 2010

budweiser (12oz)

january 29th

thanks to camilla for guestgunning! we started the day at about 7am with some bling bling mad dog and here we are shotgunning around 11pm and continuing to party well into the early morning once again.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

tilt: green (16oz)

january 28th

accorging to anheuser-busch this is simply called "tilt green" and i completely respect the fact that they have chosen to simply name their drink based on the color instead of trying to call it "sour green apple" or "tilt kiwi" or something fruit related even though it is infused with "lemon-lime flavor" which probably consists of neither lemon nor lime. all that being said, i'm still gonna have to say that this one was pretty gross and even though i thoroughly enjoyed the blue raspberry four loko, some of these sweet colorful non fruit bearing drinks may contribute to my demise.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

bud ice (12oz)

january 27th

nothing special here it just had to be done.

today's ny times had an article about the popularity of growlers and it made me wonder if they would ever have an article about shotgunning.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

jim beam and cola (12oz)

january 26th

this reminded me very much of a can of soda, maybe because i had chilled it for a bit in the fridge rather than warm it to room temperature as i do with beer. i don't think this drink makes sense in any way other than shotgunning cause if you're gonna pour it in a glass or drink it slow it's gonna get flat so you might as well mix your own and add more whiskey.

Monday, January 25, 2010

stroh's (12oz)

january 25th

when i woke up this morning i realized that the stroh brewery also makes ice cream and i spent some time searching for some sort of hybrid stroh's brand beer ice cream but alas it does not seem to exist. luckily i've been making my own vegan ice cream so next time i get a can of stroh's i'll make some beer ice cream and let you know how it turns out. oh, and if you see stroh's light somewhere you should send me a can.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

foster's premium ale (25.4oz)

january 24th

woke up this morning and decided it was a good idea to do another 25.4oz can. it was beautiful out so i tried to find somewhere outdoors and heavily populated to do this...the populated part didn't really come together how i'd hoped but i'll try that again another day. although it seemed like it took forever to get the bottom of it, it was very smooth and enjoyable.

molson xxx (25.4oz)

january 23rd

i had been holding onto this for awhile and still somehow picked the wrong night to do it...or rather i ate my dinner too close to midnight and ran out of time to digest and make room for this. dinner was a wonderful eggplant lasagna with homemade sauce, tofu ricotta and even freshly made pasta. so even though it was a wonderful evening and i enjoyed the first 24 ounces of my molson xxx the last little bit put my stomach at overload and i stumbled away trying to keep it down but within a minute some of it was on its way back up. i'm going to have a rematch with this one someday before the year is over.

you should only watch this video if you are ok seeing what my dinner looked liked when mixed with molson xxx and sprawled across a rooftop.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

king cobra (12oz)

january 22nd

we used to be able to find 16oz cans of this for 50 cents but those days are gone and i tried to at least find a can with the old design but they've been gone for about two years so i gave up and just went ahead and shotgunned this. thanks to ricky and ryan for guestgunning this with me! ricky is a monster when it comes to shotgunning and even opened his can with his thumb (more on this technique when i've mastered it)

Friday, January 22, 2010

axis: fruit punch (16oz)

january 21st

i stumbled upon this at the store on wednesday and seeing as i'd lately been feeling like finding 365 different cans might be hopeless, i was pretty psyched that there were two flavors of some drink i'd never seen before. that feeling was quickly overturned when my eyes caught this:
i used a 12oz pbr for size comparison...what we have here is brought to us by charge beverages and is a 32oz can of grape malt beverage with taurine, guarana, ginseng and caffeine that clocks in at 11% and is aptly named "el jefe". i'm a little worried about what shotgunning this will do to me so i'll wait till summer when i'm dehydrated and about to pass out from heat stroke!

anyways back to the axis: fruit punch, it reminds me of hawaiian punch and went down very easily just like fruit punch should. when i got up today there were some bright red stains on my hoodie and a very sweet smell wafting up from it and it made me want some to sip on with my breakfast. i apologize for the editing of the video on this one...something went wrong and i'd rather not say what.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

magnum (12oz)

january 20th

i was pretty drunk and a little out of it from walking home just to shotgun this before midnight but it was easy and kinda felt like drinking a glass of water real quick.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

joose: dragon joose (16oz)

january 19th

i'm used to seeing this in a 24oz can so i figured when i found a 16oz i should grab it and get it done with, except now i'm kind of thirsting for more! the front porch was quiet and it gave me the ability to hear the fizzing joose emanate a changing pitch as it was rapidly depleted. therefore i urge you to lock yourself in a quiet place with a can of joose, poke a hole in the side, open the top and just pay attention as it flows into your belly ...maybe if you have access to a sensory deprivation chamber you could try that and let me know how it goes.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

twisted tea: half and half (24oz)

january 18th

i am now back up to date in terms of posting and should be able to keep it that way for a while. i wasn't really looking forward to this alcoholic arnold palmer but it was actually the easiest can to date. the fact that it wasn't carbonated made it flow smoother and kept my stomach much calmer. if you decide to have this with your lunch everyday that is completely up to you of course.

old milwaukee (12oz)

january 17th

horray! i'm home from the smallest tour ever and glad to be back in richmond. i think that maybe subconsciously in solidarity i made the smallest hole ever in my can so it took me a little longer than usual to down this old milwaukee. thanks to my friends for partaking in what i have decided to call "groupgunning". i guess i used to just call it monday, except for tuesday when i would call it tuesday, or wednesday when i would call it wednesday, or thursd.....

Monday, January 18, 2010

southpaw light (12oz)

january 16th

thanks to john mclean for guestgunning at the hangar in athens, ga with me! i was excited to be there to play a show and hangout even though it was rainy and my feet were wet. the night got pretty wild after this and included the destruction of a car with a drum set and a mariachi misfits cover band. oh yeah and more wet feet too!

hey john, i'm sorry about the drunken and vocal mr. youth calling us fools in the backround.

fat tire amber ale (12oz)

january 15th

i was still in chattanooga at this point and was about to shotgun this one with robbie at the bar at sluggo's north when the landlords wife walked in, so we stepped into the kitchen and went for it while she waited for her lunch. thanks to robbie for guestgunning! it was a very burpy couple of minutes after this went down.

Friday, January 15, 2010

miller high life (12oz)

january 14th

i am currently in chattanooga, tn and am posting yesterdays video before my bonfire smelling drunk ass passes out.
it's likely that in the past i've shotgunned beers while sitting down but i was probably blackout drunk at the time so i consider this my first.
i hope all my friends are doing well and consuming their beverages in the fastest way possible...sweet dreams!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

ballantine (16oz)

january 13th

me and ballantine have been kickin it for years and i was psyched that my buddies from new york brought me a 16oz to shotgun. body - purity - flavor is all i need to say!

i will definitely still shotgun one drink a day while i'm on tour with my band but i may not be able to post everyday and i will probably wait till i get back home on the 17th to post pictures off all the empties.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

yuengling traditional lager (12oz)

january 12th

i thoroughly enjoyed shotgunning this one!
yuengling lager in a 22oz bottle was my go to beer for a long time in brooklyn...but then the price went up and i gave up on it.
d.g. yuengling & son is the oldest brewery in the united states and when the smooth liquid hit my throat it was obvious that after 181 years they have their traditional lager brew down to an artful science.

sparks: red (16oz)

january 11th

gross! i'm gonna start off by saying that sparks does not deserve to exist anymore. if you want a red alcoholic drink i suggest going with something like mike's harder cranberry lemonade, they both have the same alcohol content and neither have any energy related stuff besides a sugar rush. if you can get your hands on evil eye: kiwi strawberry i'm sure it's way better than both but i've never been able to find it.
the foam that crept up my esophagus from shotgunning this sparks was actually worse than that of the steel reserve.

if you listen closely you can hear my friend emily getting a tattoo in the kitchen down the hall.

Monday, January 11, 2010

steel reserve (24oz)

january 10th

this is one that i was a little worried about keeping down. a few intense foam burps and it was all good though. if there is an alcoholic beverage in your town, city, country or whatever that you think is harder to stomach than the amazing steel reserve, please send it my way. you can remember my address because it shares the same number as steel:
211 N. 36th Street
Richmond, VA 23223
ok, i'm gonna go get a steel reserve tattoo on my neck and hop some trains now!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

four maxed: citrus (16oz)

january 9th

i am happy to say that four maxed: citrus (or gold as i call it) is my favorite alcoholic energy drink and is by far the most palatable. thanks to tyler for guestgunning today <3! we did this shortly after a very filling and awesome brunch where we also consumed maxmosas (four maxed citrus and orange juice)

Friday, January 8, 2010

beer 30 light (12oz)

january 8th

neither me or carlton remember doing this but based on this footage, it definitely happened. thanks to carlton for guestgunning! until yesterday i didn't know beer 30 existed, upon further research i find that it is made by the melanie brewing company based in LaCrosse, WI who incidentally also make one of my favorite beverages, evil eye sour green apple (which i can no longer find) if you can track down a can of this please, please, please send it to me! i can't properly review the shotgunning process of beer 30 light because i don't remember it but i was obviously in good spirits because my bad sense of humor came out right after finishing it.

mike's harder cranberry lemonade (16oz)

january 7th

thanks to tim for guestgunning tonight! we enjoyed a very quick and sweet burst of 8% cranberry lemonade alcohol in the alley. the after taste put me in a pleasant mood and the sugar kick made it possible to continue into the night.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

milwaukee's best ice (12oz)

january 6th

it's gorgeous outside and i just finished getting my mountain bike up and running so i'm gonna go ride it! i have a feeling that milwaukee's best ice and riding in the woods are gonna go together perfectly.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

busch (12oz)

january 5th

the original plan had been to do the camo can in a tree but the tree we wanted to use actually had cops hanging out nearby so we went down by the train tracks under the bridge and there was a train idling so we still win!
my hands were so cold and the beer was below my preferred shotgun temperature but it all works out in the end.

Monday, January 4, 2010

mama's little yella pils (12oz)

january 4th

it's cold and i wish i could shotgun hot chocolate.
i have been a fan of oskar blues brewery for awhile and was excited to do this with mama's little yella pils. i enjoyed it, but it did make me very burpy.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

four loko: blue raspberry flavor (23.5oz)

january 3rd

i was planning on doing this yesterday but i wasn't quite feeling it then so when i woke up today ready to party i was sure it was a loko day. very sweet smell as soon as it was punctured. it seemed like an eternity as it poured over my tongue but it was delicious and my nipples were hard within minutes!

even mallory loves four loko!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

red stripe (16oz)

january 2nd

i think this may be the first time i've ever had red stripe out of a can. it was very smooth and quite delicious.

i'm gonna work on getting some better video editing stuff and make this all look a little better.

and it seems i'm just slightly camera shy so when i say things like "bottoms up" what i really mean is "bottoms down"

Friday, January 1, 2010

pbr (12oz)

january 1st

i decided to start the year with something simple and delicious. most of the day was spent in a hungover state, but by ten o'clock i was ready for my project to begin. i would have to guess i've shotgunned at least 50 pbr's in the past but this one is for keeps!