Thursday, November 4, 2010

amstel light (16oz)

november 4th

this was an interesting adventure. so i was in the middle of making some food and decided i'd step outside to shotgun a beer. there was lots of police commotion going on and i figured it would make nice background noise. after setting up the camera i realized i didn't have my keys so i attempted to renegade it, but at the same time i realized it wasn't gonna happen i also saw something moving under a tarp. i instantly jumped to the conclusion that this was the person that the cops were looking for and i got freaked out and went back inside. upon my arrival inside i realized my food project was getting out of control so i put my beer aside and finished cooking, which turned into eating and then by the time i shotgunned i had completely forgotten about the weird tarp movement across the street. goes to show how on point my short term memory is.

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