Friday, December 31, 2010

oops! aka: every can known to man

december 31st

i was too busy popping bottles of champagne to grab the camera and finish how about this?
i won't stop, i'll keep shotgunning until i've done every can known to man.
in fact i like the sound of that and maybe that will be a new two holes slogan!

"every can known to man"

i think my body has told me not to worry about doing a new can every 24 hours, which is a relief, it makes the idea much more chill and laid back and that's how i'm trying to roll in this new year.

so keeps your eyes peeled for new cans, foreign cans, tequila in a can...whatever it is i'm in. unless it's jenkem in a can.

and if i pass through your town or you pass through mine, lets hang out and have some fun!


  1. There's a new canned beer by sixpoint brewery out of redhook brooklyn. It's called the Crisp. 16 ouncers, supposed to be an alternative cheap can beer but it still gets it done with a 5.4 abv.

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