Saturday, May 29, 2010

gordon ale (12oz)

may 29th

my legs feel like jelly but we had an amazing hike in the appalachian mountains and found a discrete spot to camp along a little creek where we didn't see another human the entire time. decided not to carry to much stuff so i did my shotgun at an overlook right before we started the hike so i could leave the empty can and camera behind. we saw turtles, millipedes, humingbirds, deer, butterflies and a momma black bear with two cubs! it was very fitting that i decided to shotgun the gordon ale as it says "pack it in, pack it out" on the side which corresponds wonderfully with shenandoah national parks "leave no trace" policy. i never got to enjoy a beer made by gordon knight but i can pretend with this perfect ale from oskar blues

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