Thursday, February 4, 2010

core: orange hg (24oz)

february 4th

when will they stop making all these alcoholic energy drinks? i hope never, and i dare someone to make one in a can bigger than 32oz, i'll finish it in under 30 seconds, seriously i dare all you energy drink companies out there that are totally paying attention to me to make a 40 in a can and send it to me. who knows, you could change the world.
this delightful orange flavored drink is brought to us by the people at core who also are the cause of my quest to find something bigger than their "el jefe" can. for an orange alcoholic drink at 10% i actually really enjoyed this and would compare it to orange soda. i seem to prefer shotgunning energy drinks or sharing them with friends because when i drink a can any other way i end up nursing it and they seem to get flatter and warmer than most other drinks.

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